Overview of the Subject Area 

The links below provide access to information areas covered, i.e.:


Alternative Approaches to Energy Management

           - 10 quick wins to save energy (domestic)

Best Sustainable Product Innovations

           - Audits

Building Energy Management Systems

           - Business Management

Business Case for Investing in Energy Saving Programs

           - Buying Collectives

Best practice tips for building the business case

           - Contracts - Fixed or Flexible

Crucial First Steps to Cutting Building Energy Use

           - Efficient Applications

Electricity Demand Reduction Pilot

           - Efficiency in Catering

Energy and Environmental Management Group

           - Efficiency New Year's Resolutions for 2017

Engaging People on Energy Efficiency

           - Efficiency Programmes


           - Efficiency Tips

Examples of Energy Saving Products for SMEs

           - Financing

How to Achieve Energy Efficiency with Behavior Change

           - Glossary

Getting Sign on for Energy Efficiency

           - Information


           - Management

ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems

           - Management Blogs

Low Energy Lighting

           - Manager Tools

Managing a Change of Premises

           - Saving Opportunities Scheme

Managing Your Energy with Ease

           - Strategy

Managing Your Energy

           - Performance Certificate Data

Maximising the impact of energy efficiency

           - Performance Contracts

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard

           - Resilience

Top Tips for Energy Efficiency

           - Saving

Principles for sustainable business

           - Products

Renewable energy

           - Training

Save Energy at Home or Office - from BT

           - Toolkit from E.On

Saving Energy in Car Showrooms - from Honda

           - Use by Computers

Saving Energy in Information Technology

           - Utilisation

Small Business Automation

'Storage' of Electrical Energy

Want to cut your energy bill? Stop your staff doing overtime.

Waste reduction

Why sub-meter?

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